Tale Waves with Gilly Stewart: TALE 025

Episode 25 of Tale Waves – our storytelling podcast for younger children – is a tale called ‘Junk‘ – inspired by the amount of litter we leave behind us, in the oceans, on the streets, in the rivers – and even in space!  It is told by the author herself, Farnham’s Gilly Stewart.

The story is about selfishness, laziness, greed, wonder, hope and the need to protect and save our beautiful planet Earth – and features a number of the Sky Gods.

This will be the last episode of the podcast for a while, so we want to thank those of you have been regular listeners to our stories, wish you well for the future – and hope we will meet again soon!

Music credits:

“The Planets, Op. 32 – I. Mars, The Bringer of War”; Composer, Holst; Performer, Skidmore College Orchestra; Via MusOpen; Public Domain;

“Night on Bald Mountain”; Composer: Mussorgsky; Performer; Skidmore College Orchestra; Via MusOpen; Public Domain;

“The Planets, Op.32 – IV. Jupiter, the Bringer of Jolity”; Composer, Holster; Performer, Skidmore College Orchestra; Via MusOpen; Public Domain;

“Parsifal, WWV 111 – Act 1 – 3. Grail Scene”; Composer; Wagner; Performer; European Archive; Via MusOpen; Public Domain;

“Messiah, HWV 56 – Hallelujah”; Composer, Handel; Performer, Orchestra Gli Armonici; Via MusOpen; Public Domain;

“1812 Overture, Op.49”; Composer, Tchaikovsky; Performer, Skidmore College Orchestra; Via MusOpen; Public Domain.

Other effects via www.freesfx.co.uk


Let Me Take You There: LMTYT004 (Gavin Stride)

Gavin Stride (Director, Farnham Maltings) takes the hot-seat for this episode of Let Me Take You There, making a selection of tracks, and talking about where they take him to.

His choices are Pat Metheny, “As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls”; Bola De Nieve, “Drume Negrita”; Pigbag, “Getting Up”; Robert Palmer, “Sneakin’ Sally Through The Alley”; Soukous Stars, “Ghana Success”; and Handel’s “Rinaldo HWV 7a/Act 2 Lascia ch’io pianga” (performed here by Elin Manahan Thomas.

Discover where the tracks take him to by listening to the full show above.

A big thank you to Gavin for taking the time to select his tracks – and for his passionate support throughout our project.

Mixed Bag with Mark Sumner: Episode 030

CTI Records (Creed Taylor Incorporated) – a jazz record label founded in 1967 by producer/A&R manager Creed Taylor is the focus for Episode 30 of Mixed Bag with Mark Sumner.

Expect tracks from Freddie Hubbard, Bob James and Airto Moreira, plus Deodato, Astrud Gilberto, Milt Jackson, Art Farmer and Ray Barretto.

The label is remembered by many as much for its sleeve artwork as it is for its music.  We are big fans of both.

Mixed Bag is Sound Vault’s jazz/soul/fusion music show, and Mark is an avid collector of vinyl from Upper Hale, near Farnham.  This will be the last episode of the show for some time – so savour the tunes!

Handsome – Siblings with Down Syndrome: Voices 010

Nick Bourne is an actor and support worker for adults with special needs.  He lives with his brother Alex in Farnham.  Alex is 23, is a student, and has Down Syndrome.

Nick (left) and Alex Bourne (centre) with Sound Vault’s Paul Simpson (right).

When Sound Vault heard they were running a crowd-funding campaign to fund a feature film called “Handsome” about siblings living with Down Syndrome, we just had to find out more – and record a podcast with them.

Their teaser campaign on social media was so powerful, showing just how intimate a portrait of the everyday relationship, warts and all is possible to be portrayed of siblings with Down Syndrome.

The money raised by the crowd-funding campaign will pay for production costs – the equipment, transport, and accommodation.  It will enable them to ‘kickstart’ the project in the the UK, but if they gain sufficient funds, it will go towards their mission of speaking to siblings in the US, Australia, India, Vietnam, and Russia.

Nick and Alex want to speak to more brothers and sisters just like them – to hear their stories.  Nick felt that most of the resources that were out there about living with Down Syndrome were geared towards parents, rather than siblings.

There are approx. 40,000 people with Down Syndrome in the UK.  And around 1 in every 1000 babies are born with Down Syndrome.  That’s 1000s of stories out there – and Nick and Alex want to give them more of a platform.

When we first saw the documentary teaser, we knew we wanted to do all we could to help promote the crowd-funder for their planned travels and ambitions for the film.

We were humbled when the two of them interrupted the planning for the first leg of their filming, to invite us round to their place, to share a few of the kind of insights they hope to reveal in the film.  This is the soundscape created when we visited their home one evening as they prepared their dinner.

We also asked both Alex (top) and Nick (below) to create a Spotify playlist each for the mixtape that will accompany them on their travels.

Please do click on the link to find out more about their plans – and consider donating to the fundraising effort for their plans.

Mixed Bag with Mark Sumner: Episode 029

Episode 29 of our specialist soul, jazz and fusion show, Mixed Bag, presented by Upper Hale’s number one collector of vinyl, Mark Sumner, centres on the theme of European jazz, fusion and Brazilian beats.

You can expect to hear rare tracks from a roll call that includes Dusko Goykovich, Olli Ahvenlahti, Wojciech Karolak, The Wolfgang Dauner Quintet, Georges Garvarentz, Harold McNair, The Gimmicks, Lisa Linn & Bo Sylven, the Paolo Achenza Trio, and Dimenzio – taking in music from Finland, Poland, Germany, France, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Hungary, Serbia and the UK.

The ideal midsummer evening soundtrack!

Tale Waves with Gilly Stewart: TALE 024

Episode 24 of Tale Waves – our storytelling podcast for younger children – is inspired by the Castle Street Flowers stall in Farnham – and is called Floria.

It is set in 1810, and is about an orphaned child who is forced to sleep under the flower stall at night.

Thank you to Carl and Katy for their help and inspiration in putting this story together.

Music Credits.

Estampes, L. 100 – 3. Jardins sous la pluie; Composer, Debussy; Performer, Howard Lam; via MusOpen, in Public Domain;

2 Pieces for Small Orchestra – I. On Hearing the First Cuckoo in Spring; Composer, Delius; Performer, Jeff Manookian; via MusOpen, under CC BY-NC-ND 3.0;

Nocturne in B flat minor, Op. 9 no. 1;  Composer, Chopin; Performer, Olga Gurevich; via MusOpen, in Public Domain;

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice; Composer, Dukas; Performer, European Archive; via MusOpen, in Public Domain;

Symphony No. 5 in Cm, Op. 67 I. Allegro con brio; Composer, Beethoven; Performer, Davis High School Symphony Orchestra; via MusOpen, in Public Domain;

Bagpipes Sound; Recorded by ‘hellcreature‘; via SoundBible, under CC BY-NC 3.0;

Asturias (Leyenda) from Suite Espanola Op. 47 (guitar arr.); Composer, Albeniz; Performer, Gordon Rowland; via MusOpen, in Public Domain;

Swan Lake Op. 20 – Act I Intro; Composer, Tchaikovsky; Performer, European Archive; via MusOpen, in Public Domain;

The Nutcracker Suite – Act I, No. 8, Waltz of the Flowers; Composer, Tchaikovsky; Performer, European Archive; via MusOpen, in Public Domain.

Other sound effects from www.freesfx.co.uk with thanks.


The World Of Wonder with Noah Dann: WOW003

Episode 3 of World of Wonder, fronted by Sound Vault’s youngest presenter, 12 year old Noah Dann, is all about ending homelessness.

Noah uses the release of a new report by the charity Crisis, called “Everybody In: How to end homelessness in Great Britain” as an opportunity to explore whether the Government is doing enough to tackle the rise in the number of homeless people.

Noah was joined in the Sound Vault studio by Graham Brown (Envelope Architects) and his daughter Jasmine, to discuss some of the issues.

As well as looking at the report itself, Noah speaks to an innovative architect called Graham Brown of Envelope Architects, to look at how building design might help address some of the issues, as well as discussing some of the wider background issues from a different perspective.

‘Orbital living’ – a vision of the future from Envelope Architects.
‘Orbital living’ – a vision for the future from Envelope Architects.
How ‘off-grid’ living might provide solutions – a vision from Envelope Architects.

Noah also talks to a cross-section of members of the public, for their views on whether the Government is doing enough to end homelessness.  One of the chapters in the report from Crisis is about ‘public attitudes’ – on ‘how we talk about homelessness in a way that deepens public understanding and builds demand for the problem to be solved.

You can find out more about Crisis and their report at their website.

Sound effects credits:

“Big Issue” – homeless man calls out to the passing public to sell the Big Issue newspaper (deleted_user_1116756).  Via FreeSound.Org and CC BY-NC 3.0.

“Busy Street, Pedestrians” – a busy day (CBeeching). Via FreeSound.Org and in Public Domain.

Farnham Taiko Club: Voices 009

Our youngest volunteer Noah Dann was on hand to record a soundscape when the Farnham Taiko Club came to the Farnham Maltings to perform, as part of the Big Bus Tour for BBC Surrey at the end of May 2018.

Noah Dann with the trust ‘Zoom H5’ recorder captures Mark Alcock and Allison Ferns before the drumming commences.

Their teacher, Mark Alcock, who you can hear being interviewed during the podcast, gave us permission to capture the sounds of the drumming, which is described as a musical form  of martial art.  The sounds captivated the assembled crowd – as well as setting off some of the vehicle alarms in the car park.

You can also hear Mark giving some lessons to BBC Surrey presenter Allison Ferns (around 1min 48secs into the podcast), while the full drumming performance begins around 3min 24secs in) – as covered in BBC Surrey’s own Facebook video above.

Members of the Farnham Taiko Club pose for BBC Surrey outside Farnham Maltings.

You can find the Farnham Taiko Club on Facebook and via their website.

You can find out more about Taiko more generally at the Taiko Meantime website.

Let Me Take You There: LMTYT003 (Matthew Lacey)

Matthew Lacey, the Box Office Manager at the Farnham Maltings is in the ‘hot-seat’ for Episode 3 of ‘Let Me Take You There‘.  It is the show where a guest makes a selection of music tracks which conjure up a physical location in their life, or an emotional state of mind which they take them to.

Come through the door at Farnham Maltings, then turn left, and you will find yourself at the box office/reception area, where you are more than likely to meet Matthew Lacey, the Box Office Manager.

If you are a regular visitor to Farnham Maltings, Matthew’s face (and voice) will be very familiar to you, looking out from the box office/reception area as you first arrive in the building.

Matthew’s choices are:

  • “Bitch” – Meredith Brooks;
  • “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” – Elton John and Kiki Dee;
  • “Music for the Royal Fireworks HWV 351:7. Menuet II” – Handel;
  • “Violin Concerto in D, Op.77:3” – Brahms (performed by Anne-Sophie Mutter);
  • “I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch)” – The Four Tops;
  • “Perfect Ten” – The Beautiful South.

Listen to the show to find out exactly where each of the choices takes Matthew to!

The Election Count: Voices 008

In this episode of the Sound Vault: Voices podcast, the chief reporter of the Farnham Herald, Daniel Gee captures the atmosphere at the count for a local council by-election.

Candidates and agents huddle around Waverley returning officer Tom Horwood for the moment the town council by-election results were declared. Credit: Farnham Herald.

On Thursday 24th May, 2018, by-elections took place simultaneously for the Farnham Castle ward on Farnham Town Council, and Waverley Borough Council.  The seats had been resigned by the group leader of the Farnham Residents party, John Williamson, after he moved away from the area.

In this podcast, Daniel captures the atmosphere of what is not a standard election count, with it taking place in a less formal venue than usual (at Potters Gate School, late into the night), with one of the successful elected councillors facing re-election in only a year, when borough-wide elections will be upon us anyway.

As well as Daniel, featuring in the podcast are Tom Horwood (Waverley Borough Council’s Chief Executive, and Returning Officer for the elections); the winning councillors, each from the Farnham Residents party – George Hesse (town council) and David Beaman (borough council); the candidate who ran them a close second in each seat, Jo Aylwin (Liberal Democrat);  and Rashida Nasir who trailed in third place in both seats for the Conservatives – as well as Jerry Hyman, the leader of the Farnham Residents.

Daniel’s podcast captures a sound portrait of what it is like to cover the local political scene as a chief reporter on a local paper, and some of the atmosphere as the politicians gather in a local school to await their fate, and hear the declarations.

Credit: Farnham Herald.

You can read the report of the result in the Farnham Herald here.

The full results for each of the elections were as follows:

Farnham Castle – Waverley Borough Council by-election:

David Beaman (Farnham Residents):  354 votes [ELECTED]

Jo Aylwin (Lib Dem):  338 votes

Rashida Nasir (Conservative):  175 votes

Rebecca Kaye (Labour):  42 votes

Mark Westcott (Independent):  26 votes

Farnham Castle – Farnham Town Council by-election:

George Hesse (Farnham Residents):  390 votes [ELECTED]

Jo Aylwin (Lib Dem):  339 votes

Rashida Nasir (Conservative):  164 votes

Rebecca Kaye (Labour):  41 votes.


Tale Waves with Gilly Stewart: TALE 023

Episode 23 of Tale Waves – our storytelling podcast for younger children – is called “Opticus Owl Raises The Mighty Vesselonius” – from Farnham storyteller, Gilly Stewart.

It also features two teddy bears (Frankie and Captain Weed), Snazzerjack (and the wicked Sleezels), and Aliberti Albatross, and takes place in the fictional Tinglebourne Valley, where only animals are allowed to live – although it may be inspired by a village not a million miles away from Farnham in Surrey – perhaps you can guess where this magical place is?

Captain Weed and Frankie.

Our story begins, with Frankie laying asleep in the ‘Uggle-Guggle‘…

Music Credits:

“La Mer”, [1] ‘De l’aube a midi sur la mer’; [2] ‘Jeux de vagues’; [3] ‘Dialogue du vent et de la mer’; Composer, Debussy; Performer, US Air Force Band; via MusOpen, in Public Domain.

“Siegfried, WWV 86C – Funeral March, Finale (band arr.)”; Composer, Wagner; Performer, United States Marine Band; via MusOpen, in Public Domain.

“Bagatelle no. 25 “Fur Elise” (WoO 59)”; Composer, Beethoven; Performer, Anonymous; via MusOpen, in Public Domain.

Other sounds, with thanks to www.freesfx.co.uk.

Mixed Bag with Mark Sumner: Episode 028

Episode 28 of our specialist soul, jazz and fusion show, Mixed Bag, presented by Upper Hale’s number one collector of vinyl, Mark Sumner, centres on the theme of tracks recorded in front of a live audience.

You can expect to hear tracks from Lou Rawls, Charles Earland, Donny Hathaway, and Kool and the Gang, plus Al Jarreau, James Brown, Sergio Mendes & Brasil 77, and John Heartsman.

Don’t forget, you can also listen to Mixed Bag on our online radio station, Heath Sound Vault, streaming 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from our home here on the Surrey/Hampshire border.

Mixed Bag is on every day just after 8.00am, just after 3.00pm and just after 9.00pm British Summer Time.  You can listen by simply clicking on the player below, and you’ll be streaming within seconds.  Full details about Heath Sound Vault here.

Sound Vault’s online radio station begins streaming

Sound Vault has got together with “Heath Radio” to launch an online radio station, to help showcase the range of podcasts we have been making here on the Surrey/Hampshire border in the UK.  As well as showcasing the best of the podcasting output our volunteers have created to-date, there is news every hour, as well as a mix of music to help show it all off.


Our online radio station is brought to you in collaboration with “Heath Radio“, a community interest company on the Surrey and Hampshire border.

This online station, in addition to our existing podcasts demonstrates just what kind of value community radio can add to an area like this – and beyond.

We’d like to say a big ‘thank you’ to Paul Wisdom, one of the driving forces behind “Heath Radio“, who has put it all together.  He was one of the launch directors on neighbouring Wey Valley Radio, the community radio station for Alton and surrounding area.

We will continue publishing podcasts in the usual way through Sound Vault.  If you are interested in making radio & podcasts yourself, and live on the Surrey/Hampshire border, do get in touch and join our band of volunteers.  Our email is SoundVaultHQ@gmail.com.


Mixed Bag with Mark Sumner: Episode 027

Episode 27 of our specialist soul, jazz and fusion show, Mixed Bag, presented by Upper Hale’s number one collector of vinyl, Mark Sumner, is entitled “Swirling Strings and Things: 70s Soul“.

Expect tracks from The Dells; Love Unlimited; Zulema; and The Main Ingredient – plus Roberta Flack and Donny Hathaway; The Delfonics; Leroy Hutson; The Love Unlimited Orchestra; Faze-O; and Michael Jackson.

Discover Music with Plastic Dino: KITTY002

Episode 2 of Discover Music with Plastic Dino, hosted by Kitty – a dinosaur enthusiast on an adventure, to seek out new, old and unique tunes to brighten your day.

In this episode, Kitty showcases tunes recommended to her by other people.  Expect tracks from The Wombats, CSS, The Beatles, Yaeji, and Wednesday Campanella.

The Wombats, Yaeji, Wednesday Campanella and CSS feature, plus The Beatles.

Sound credits:

Sound effect at end:

“System Notifications” by ‘wertstahl‘, via Freesound, CC BY 3.0.

Beating The Bounds: Voices 007

In this episode of the Sound Vault: Voices podcast, we join residents of the civil parish of Yateley in north-east Hampshire, as they revive the ancient custom of “Beating The Bounds” of the parish.

The event took place on Rogation Sunday  (29th April, 2018), and as well as explaining the history behind the custom, and talking to some of the organisers and participants, the podcast captures a soundscape of the walk – footsteps, birds, water, breeze, urban and country life and other interventions.

Join us as we walk through avenues and alleyways (many lined with bluebells); alongside and through common land, farmland and heath; across runways and between gorse; along and over ponds, lakes and tracks – and a railway line and a river.  And past many people’s homes.

Listen out for some of our favourite sounds at around 19m 57s (bird song at the the bottom of Fry’s Lane); 20m 51s (the faster flowing river under the bridge at Mill Lane); 26m 41s (the railings and the buzz of the electricity pylons near Moulsham Lane), 29m 25s (runways and gorse); and 29m 38s (flying machines – insects, and what for me is one of the signature sounds of Yateley, small planes flying above Blackbushe Airport).

One of the groups of walks before heading off from the Darby Green Centre. Credit: Andy Teo.
The Mayors of Yateley (Tony Spencer) and neighbouring Sandhurst (Hazel Hill) officially get the “Beating The Bounds” walk under way. Credit: Paul Simpson.
Well known to residents of Yateley from his appearances on social media, David Roy Moore joins us on the walk – and talks ‘exclusively’ to the podcast! Credit: Paul Simpson.
Pounding the residential streets of Yateley, as well as the greener pockets, all well signposted by the organisers, the Blackwater Valley Countryside Trust. Credit: Andy Teo.
Falling behind my group of walkers – but I can always join the next group behind me. Walking alongside the River Blackwater, towards Willow Gardens retirement home. Credit: Paul Simpson.
A favourite Yateley location for photography, and today is no exception – Swan Lakes. Credit: Andy Teo.
Beating The Bounds is not all about trees and rivers. I hadn’t seen this before. It was like something out of Close Encounters of the Third Kind, but it was more likely something to do with being on the site for the former Hall Aggregates/cement site. Credit: Paul Simpson.
The sound of the fast flowing flowing river, by the bridge on Mill Lane. Credit: Paul Simpson.
Looking back across the River Blackwater, from the Sandhurst side, back into the more ornamental river bank in Yateley. Credit: Paul Simpson.
The River Blackwater in all its glory – playing a major part in the walk. Credit: Paul Simpson.
The boundary gets quite moist as we approach Moor Green Lake. Credit: Paul Simpson.
The path gets very muddy at Moor Green lakes. Credit: Paul Simpson.
The view across Moor Green lake, out towards Finchampstead. Credit: Paul Simpson.
Back across the bridge over the River Blackwater, into Yateley again. Keep following the signs! Credit: Paul Simpson.
The huge electricity pylons as we head back to Moulsham Lane. If you listen carefully, we pick them up on our soundscape. Credit: Paul Simpson.
We capture the sound of the railings, as we ‘Beat the Bounds’ near Moulsham Lane. Credit: Paul Simpson.
Bluebells line the path behind West Green, as we walk up between Reading Road, and Firgrove Road. Credit: Paul Simpson.
More blooms line the path as we approach Firgrove Road, and the border with Eversley parish. Credit: Paul Simpson.
We approach the border with Eversley, as we start to head up from Firgrove Road, towards Castle Bottom. Credit: Paul Simpson.
The walk crosses the runway at Blackbushe. Credit: Andy Teo.
Walking with attitude across the runway at Blackbushe. Credit: Andy Teo.
Across Yateley Common – one of my favourite places. Credit: Andy Teo.
Down a track from the Common. Credit: Andy Teo.
Heading back towards Darby Green – one of the tracks back down from the Common. Credit: Andy Teo.
Walkers ‘Beat The Bounds’ at the border with Blackwater. Credit: Andy Teo.
Crossing over the river and the railway line. Credit: Andy Teo.
Up and over the river and the railway line. Credit: Andy Teo.
The end is in sight. Credit: Andy Teo.

A big thank you to the Blackwater Valley Countryside Trust for organising the event, and giving us permission to record the podcast; to Tony Spencer (the Mayor of Yateley) for the original idea to record the soundscape (and for much of the information contained within it), and to Andy Teo, for his permission to use many of his photographs. While recording the soundscape, a lot of participants mentioned the Yateley Walking Group, so it only seemed fair to give them a ‘plug’ too.

Mixed Bag with Mark Sumner: Episode 026

Episode 26 of Mixed Bag with Mark Sumner – Sound Vault’s specialist soul, jazz and fusion show with Upper Hale’s foremost amateur collector of vinyl – has a special focus on tracks from the Year 2000 and up to the present day.

Expect tracks from Angie Stone, Swing Out Sister, Masters At Work ft Billie, and Sharon Jones And The Dap-Kings – plus Mario Biondi, The Rebirth, Incognito – and with the weather on the turn for the bank holiday weekend, Mark couldn’t resist a tune from Pharrell Williams. Enjoy!

Tale Waves with Gilly Stewart: TALE 022

Episode 22 of Tale Waves – our storytelling podcast for younger children – is called ‘Aria, The Operatic Nightingale‘, and is a tale full of musical, melodious magic.

It features a nightingale called ‘Diva’ who tells of the sad loss, and wonderful reunion with her beautiful daughter, ‘Aria’.  The two of them now sing together all around the world.

Nostalgia time for our author, Gilly Stewart. As this old photo shows, Gilly was a talented opera singer when she was younger, and it continues to be one of her abiding passions, and provides the inspiration for this episode’s tale.
Gilly with her wonderful pianist, Jonathan Covey, who recorded a piece especially for today’s episode (see credit below).
Jonathan, on the piano at St Andrew’s Church, Farnham, Surrey, playing the piece for this episode.
With thanks to St Andrew’s Church, Farnham, Surrey, and Revd. David Uffindell – for allowing us use of their piano in recording this episode.

Music Credits:

“O Mio Babbino  Caro” is composed by Giacomo Puccino, and is in the public domain.  This particular recording was made exclusively for Sound Vault, played by Jonathan Covey, in St. Andrew’s Church, Farnham, Surrey. With thanks to Revd. David Uffindell for allowing us to use the piano.

“Ave Maria” D. 389, composed by Franz Schubert, performed by Bradley Chapman, via MusOpenCC BY 3.0.

Rusalka, Op. 114 – ‘Song to the Moon’, composed by Antonin Dvorak, performed by Zaira Soria, via MusOpen, CC BY 3.0.

“Requiem Op. 48 – 7. In Paradisum”, composed by Gabriel Faure, performed by European Archive, via MusOpen, Public Domain.

“Ride of the Valkyries (Die Walkure) WWV 86B”, composed by Richard Wagner, performed by University of Chicago Orchestra, via MusOpen, CC BY-NC-ND 3.0.

“Symphony No. 2 in Cm ‘Resurrection’ – V. Conclusion Quasi Allegro”, composed by Gustav Mahler, performed by European Archive, via MusOpen, Public Domain.

‘Flower Duet’ from “Lakme”, composed by Leo Delibes, performed by Mosaica, via MusOpen, CC BY-NC-ND 3.0.

Other sound effects (where not created by the producer) – with thanks to www.freesfx.co.uk



US Railway Travelogue – Episode 16: USRAIL016

Episode 16 is the sixth and final part of the Chicago to The Bay Area leg of Tim Davies’ journey – and also the final instalment of his trip overall.

Tim has been travelling across the USA on the iconic Amtrak trains, and this is the latest leg of the US Railway Travelogue which has continued on the California Zephyr train.

Map showing Amtrak’s western routes, the California Zephyr through the middle. Credit: Amtrak.
California Zephyr poster. Credit: Loco Steve, CC BY 2.0.

In this episode, we reach the final destination of The Bay Area in California.

These images represent some of the views from the train along this section of the journey, as well as some of the ‘stops’ along this part of the route.

Cape Horn and American River. Credit: Loco Steve, CC BY 2.0.
Coming down the mountain. Credit: Tim Davies.
A few people live here as well! Credit: Tim Davies.
Gold Run – home of hydraulic mining. Credit: Loco Steve, CC BY 2.0.
There are some cars somewhere as well! Credit: Tim Davies.
The Sierras are beautiful. Credit: Tim Davies.
Nearing Colfax. Credit: Tim Davies.
Colfax. Credit: Tim Davies
Gold miner at Colfax station. Credit: Loco Steve, CA BY 2.0.
Downtown Colfax. Credit: Tim Davies.
The trees have changed. Credit: Tim Davies.
The homes have changed. Credit: Tim Davies.
Coming in to Roseville. Credit: Tim Davies.
Roseville. Credit: Tim Davies.
Roseville. Credit: Tim Davies.
On the homeward trek. Credit: Tim Davies.
Rail yards in Roseville. Credit: Tim Davies.
Roseville Wagon Repair Yard. Credit: Loco Steve, CC BY 2.0.
Leaving Roseville, going west. Credit: Tim Davies.
Leaving Roseville, going west. Credit: Tim Davies.
Much new building in Sacramento. Credit: Tim Davies.
Much new building in Sacramento. Credit: Tim Davies.
Sacramento centre. Credit: Tim Davies.
Sacramento station. Credit: Tim Davies.
The local Amtrak service in Sacramento station. Credit: Tim Davies.
Sacramento locomotive works. Credit: Tim Davies.
Over the river, leaving Sacramento. Credit: Tim Davies.
Travelling west, between Sacramento and Davis. Credit: Tim Davies.
Travelling west between Sacramento and Davis. Credit: Tim Davies.
Davis Station. Credit: Tim Davies.
Historic Davis Station. Credit: Tim Davies.
Agriculture, between Davis and Matinez. Credit: Tim Davies.
Between Davis and Martinez. Credit: Tim Davies.
Between Davis and Martinez. Credit: Tim Davies.
Suisun Bay – the mothball fleet has gone. Credit: Tim Davies.
Benicia Martinez Bridge. Credit: Tim Davies.
Martinez Station. Credit: Tim Davies
Journey’s end, at Richmond. Credit: Tim Davies.

It has been great having you along for the ride – we hope you have enjoyed the trip – and we looked forward to planning our next one!

Music credits:

Theme: “Steam Railway”, AK012, Composer: Kimber-McTiffen; Track Number 1, Royalty Free from “The Special Interest Video Selection“; (AKM Music);

Karen (Spirit Rescuer & Barber): Voices 006

In this episode of the Sound Vault: Voices podcast, we feature Karen, whose day job is as a barber, but who in her spare time, is a ‘spirit rescuer‘.

Karen at work, about to cut Paul from Sound Vault’s hair.

Capturing the soundscape while at work at Kerrie’s Barbers in Yateley with scissors, electric shavers and hair dryers, Karen discusses what led her to discover her calling.

She discusses what the practice entails, as she describes it, “communicating with spirits who are stuck between realms, and have been unable to move on to the other side.”  Often, Karen says the spirits do not know it, and as a result, are causing distress to others in their mortal lives.

Karen (left) pictured at The Kingsley Hotel, Eversley, Hampshire.

Karen explains how she has practiced her ‘spirit rescue’ work in private houses, pubs, and hotels throughout the Surrey/Hampshire/Berkshire border area – even just out and about.  She recounts one extraordinary occurrence at the lake at Virginia Water.

Karen explains that her over-riding aim is to bring people peace of mind when she works with them, and when she works in a healing capacity, peace and balance.