Tale Waves with Gilly Stewart: TALE 005

Episode 5 of Tale Waves – the children’s storytelling podcast – is called The Brave Mweni.  Set in Africa under the heat of the burning sun, it is a tale of courage, honour, love and finally success, through the strength and goodness of an honest heart.

Gilly Stewart scribbles the finishing touches to this week’s episode of Tale Waves.

In the story, a young girl called Mweni journeys to find water for her family and home village, facing dangers along the way,

Credit: All sound effects c/o www.freesfx.co.uk

Gilly begins recording this week’s story, The Brave Mweni, assisted by producer Paul.
Gilly takes a break in recording for a sip of her secret recipe which keeps her voice clear – a blend of olive oil and honey!!!

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