Ex Hebridius: EXHEB002

Episode 2 of the Ex Hebridius podcast which features the reading of original creative work by Alasdair S. Goudie – in this episode, poetry – and discussion/reflection on the creative process behind it.

Originally intended to be a Christmas special, Alasdair explains the ‘lapse’ in updates since the original episode in October, the delay to what was intended to be a Christmas episode – and as you will hear, how this has all conspired to fire his creative process.

The three poems in this episode are called “Gloomful“; “Island Christmas“, and “Man Is As Island Does“.  He uses the episode to talk about the inspiration behind all three – loneliness and re-emerging depression, and their impact on productivity.

Music credit (Intro and Outro): Antonin Dvorak Symphony No. 9, 1893; with thanks to Paco Chilito, via Archive.org With thanks.

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