Discover Music with Plastic Dino: KITTY001

Episode 1 of a brand new music show from Sound Vault – this is the pilot episode of Discover Music with Plastic Dino – hosted by Kitty, a dinosaur enthusiast on an adventure to seek out new, old and unique tunes to brighten your day.

The first show features tracks from Perfume, Kero Kero Bonito, Breakbot, Grimes, Superorganism and Daft Punk – so a decidedly electro-pop/indie-pop/synth-pop feel.

The show is put together by Sound Vault’s latest recruit, 14 year old Kitty Sholl, from Farnham, and we are very excited to welcome her to the team.  Discover Music with Plastic Dino should be making an appearance every two months!

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