The World Of Wonder with Noah Dann: WOW003

Episode 3 of World of Wonder, fronted by Sound Vault’s youngest presenter, 12 year old Noah Dann, is all about ending homelessness.

Noah uses the release of a new report by the charity Crisis, called “Everybody In: How to end homelessness in Great Britain” as an opportunity to explore whether the Government is doing enough to tackle the rise in the number of homeless people.

Noah was joined in the Sound Vault studio by Graham Brown (Envelope Architects) and his daughter Jasmine, to discuss some of the issues.

As well as looking at the report itself, Noah speaks to an innovative architect called Graham Brown of Envelope Architects, to look at how building design might help address some of the issues, as well as discussing some of the wider background issues from a different perspective.

‘Orbital living’ – a vision of the future from Envelope Architects.
‘Orbital living’ – a vision for the future from Envelope Architects.
How ‘off-grid’ living might provide solutions – a vision from Envelope Architects.

Noah also talks to a cross-section of members of the public, for their views on whether the Government is doing enough to end homelessness.  One of the chapters in the report from Crisis is about ‘public attitudes’ – on ‘how we talk about homelessness in a way that deepens public understanding and builds demand for the problem to be solved.

You can find out more about Crisis and their report at their website.

Sound effects credits:

“Big Issue” – homeless man calls out to the passing public to sell the Big Issue newspaper (deleted_user_1116756).  Via FreeSound.Org and CC BY-NC 3.0.

“Busy Street, Pedestrians” – a busy day (CBeeching). Via FreeSound.Org and in Public Domain.

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