Sound Vault is a community-driven podcast and online audio network, bringing together a ‘sound collective’ of producers and volunteers. ¬†We are based in Farnham, drawing on the communities of the Surrey/Hampshire border area in the UK, but with a distinctly global pitch.

Sound Vault aims to craft a collection of shows by giving anyone the opportunity to pitch a show idea, and if successful, will work with them to produce it, and bring it to the attention of the wider world via the network.

Our programming focuses on four main areas:-

* first-person storytelling and unheard voices;

* specialist music;

* sound design/soundscapes/collage;

* backstage work inspired by the venue that gives us our home, and whose partnership has made the project possible – Farnham Maltings.

Stay in touch – you can sign up to be kept informed about our activities by completing the form you will find at this link here.