Biog: Keep It Cheap Radio with Sam & Alex

The style of Keep It Cheap is of two middle-class, privileged, white male guys discussing and commenting on ‘the big issues’ of our time, but the differences in knowledge of certain subjects, such as music and politics, can lead to some very entertaining conversations with interesting outcomes.  Each week has a different topic, with musical markers (usually a playlist of four or five tracks each week) used as a base to talk about the serious issues, often with a cynical, dark comedy theme.

The show is presented by final year university students of public relations and communications – Sam Gard and Alex Youngs.  The title of the show comes from the idea that you don’t need money to have fun/a laugh – and the idea that ‘talk is cheap’.  Expect explicit language.

Look out for running jokes from the previous show.  For example, it has not been unknown for Matthew McConaughey to constantly pop-up in the studio and voice his opinion through the soundbite of ‘alright, alright, alright’.