Biog: Resonance: Museum of Sound

Resonance: Museum of Sound podcast is the result of a collaboration between the Museum of Farnham and Sound Vault, in support of the museum’s exhibition on sound, which runs until 20th January, 2018.

The exhibition explores everything from gramophones to radios, violins to trumpets and how sound has featured in Farnham’s recent history.

The series features an interview with the assistant curator, Emma Sutcliffe, a brief tour of the exhibition – and will seek to curate extra sounds, inspired by the exhibition.

The exhibition features the loan of an Indian Narsinga from the Horniman Museum and Gardens as part of its Object in Focus loan programme.  Very few examples of the sound of the Narsinga exist online, due to the religious significance of the instrument, so it is a must to go the exhibition to see the instrument – and catch a recording of it.

More details on the exhibition from the Farnham Herald, here.

Episodes of the podcast series are here.