Biog: The Particular

“The Particular” seeks to unleash the commonplace wisdom, memories, insights and secrets of a generation who have much to share, but are not often asked to talk about it.  The series sets out to document a rich tapestry of life from a selection of subjects, primarily in the communities of West Surrey and North East Hampshire, but also beyond – in their own voice, capturing a slice of their lives while we have the chance, and taking delight in celebrating the small, the everyday, and the particular aspects of their past lives, and special events they may have lived through.  In the process, it seeks to encourage more of us to talk to each other, and more importantly, listen.

Explaining the idea behind the show, producer Paul Simpson said;

“I am making this show to make sure we do not lose the stories and experiences of a special generation, especially when we have the technology available to document them in their own words.  In doing so, not only do we create a story-powered programme, we create content with which we can reach out to older generations with, to involve them in digital media, and help promote digital literacy using their interest in the content.  It gives the participants the opportunity to tell some of their own story in their own words, and so democratise access to the media to a group of people who have been particularly excluded from the digital space.  The programme is not just for the older generation.  It seeks to reach out across the generations, with valuable lessons for us all, generating emotional responses to very real life experiences.”

All episodes of the show can be found via is link once published, via it’s link on iTunes/Apple Podcasts here.