Sound Vault’s online radio station begins streaming

Sound Vault has got together with “Heath Radio” to launch an online radio station, to help showcase the range of podcasts we have been making here on the Surrey/Hampshire border in the UK.  As well as showcasing the best of the podcasting output our volunteers have created to-date, there is news every hour, as well as a mix of music to help show it all off.


Our online radio station is brought to you in collaboration with “Heath Radio“, a community interest company on the Surrey and Hampshire border.

This online station, in addition to our existing podcasts demonstrates just what kind of value community radio can add to an area like this – and beyond.

We’d like to say a big ‘thank you’ to Paul Wisdom, one of the driving forces behind “Heath Radio“, who has put it all together.  He was one of the launch directors on neighbouring Wey Valley Radio, the community radio station for Alton and surrounding area.

We will continue publishing podcasts in the usual way through Sound Vault.  If you are interested in making radio & podcasts yourself, and live on the Surrey/Hampshire border, do get in touch and join our band of volunteers.  Our email is


Celebrating World Radio Day 2018

Tuesday 13th February, 2018 is UNESCO World Radio Day – and we support everything it is seeking to achieve!

The theme this year is “Radio and Sport”.

Through three special shows, Sound Vault is celebrating three particular aspects of this year’s theme – as well as the first anniversary of us announcing the idea for our community-driven podcast network back on World Radio Day 2017.

Click on each show title below to take you to the individual podcast in the Sound Vault: Voices series:-

“A Kick In The Family” – Gilly Stewart.

In “A Kick In The Family” by Gilly Stewart, we will be looking at the power of sport to reconnect people with their cultural heritage, and at the same time, explore gender stereotypes.  Being adopted, Gilly decided to track down her birth family in the 1980s, only to discover that her paternal grandfather was part of a footballing family, who played for West Bromwich Albion, and was capped for England.  She thinks it might explain why she always wanted to join in with the college football team – but was thwarted in less enlightened times when it came to gender and sport;

For the love of basketball.

In Campaign Slam Dunk”, sixth form student Michael Chacko reflects on the civic role sports provision can play in local communities, and how the activism of a few friends helped bring about change at the grassroots in his local community in Yateley, in Hampshire, in the UK. The inspiration of sport has helped shine a light on, and encourage democratic participation;

View from the pressbox at Wimbledon for the match against Northampton Town.

In “Fan’s Eye Radio”, lifelong grassroots football fan Kevin Rye looks at the growing phenomena of fan-driven radio and podcasting at the more grassroots level in football. He speaks to two of those leading the way, at Radio WDON (for fans of supporter-run Wimbledon), and at FCUM Radio (for fans of supporter-run FC United of Manchester).  Such operations mirror the explosion in fan podcasting in the professional game too.

As well as the three special shows, Sound Vault is holding an ‘Open Studio’ on the day at its base, at Farnham Maltings in Surrey, between 11am and 3pm, to mark and celebrate World Radio Day, and encourage more people to get involved.

World Radio Day 2018 at Sound Vault: one year on…

Sound Vault is marking World Radio Day 2018 on Tuesday 13th February by making three special shows using the Day’s theme of “Radio and Sports”, and in particular, issues associated with diversity in sports coverage, coverage of traditional and grassroots games, and helping people reconnect with their cultural heritage.

With the day being the 1st anniversary of Sound Vault revealing its launch plans back on World Radio Day back in 2017, it will also be throwing open its doors for an ‘Open Studio’ event.  The special shows are:

A Kick in The Family

Storyteller Gilly Stewart – West Bromwich Albion in her genes.

Children’s storyteller Gilly Stewart discovers the part that football has played in her own family’s cultural heritage when she tells the story of making the difficult decision to track down her biological family in the 1980s, only to discover her paternal grandfather (and two of his brothers) played for West Bromwich Albion in the 1890s.  She believes it might go some way to explain why she was so keen to join the boys’ football team at college for a kick-about, but with diversity less embraced on the pitch than it is today, deliberate fouling to keep her off the pitch, and her own concern to stay ‘injury-free’ for her other love, dancing, meant she had to give it up.  If Gilly had been born today, might she have been more likely to follow in her grandfather’s footsteps and play at Wembley, but for West Bromwich Albion FC Women?  Gilly is a founding contributor at Sound Vault, and lives in Farnham, Surrey.

Campaign Slam Dunk

Campaigning basketball fan, Michael Chacko.

Michael Chacko reflects on the importance of sport to our cultural and civic life by sharing the story of why he decided to launch – and how he won – the campaign for a basketball court in his local community in Yateley, Hampshire. Although born in the UK, Michael has Indian and German parents, which has given him a personal angle on diversity issues.  A keen sports player – whether football, badminton or basketball for example – he used insights he gained in part as a Member of the UK Youth Parliament between 2015-2017 as he mobilised the campaign to secure a new sporting civic resource.  Michael – aka ‘Chack’ – is a founding Sound Vault contributor, and a 6th form student in Yateley, Hampshire.

Fans’ Eye Radio

Fan engagement campaigner/consultant, and Wimbledon fan, Kevin Rye.

In Fans’ Eye Radio, Kevin Rye takes a look at the exponential growth in fan-driven radio and podcasting at a more grassroots level in football.  Some stations are run by volunteers; some have emerged into full-time operations, but either way, they can guarantee a more diverse range of voices are heard when it comes to our football clubs.  They can offer a matchday online operation, as well as connecting a wider group with content for fans from across the world.  Some have become so polished, they can even provide content for mainstream broadcasters.

Kevin Rye started going to football matches at the age of five when Wimbledon FC first entered the League in the 1970s.  Decades later, he was part of the Wimbledon Independent Supporters’ Association (WISA) which tried to save, and then resurrected Wimbledon’s favourite club – AFC Wimbledon as it became.  In his professional life, he has worked for many years, helping supporters and clubs to build better relationships.  Kevin is a Sound Vault contributor, and lives locally in Surrey.

‘Open Studio’

In addition, Sound Vault will hold an “Open Studio” on World Radio Day (Tuesday 13th February) between 11.00am and 3.00pm to enable those who have yet to discover online radio to drop by, listen to the three new “Radio and Sports” shows (which will form part of the ‘Sound Vault: Voices’ podcast’) and discover more, as well as volunteer to get involved in making programmes.

Into 2018

We’re very excited about what 2018 has in store, and want to take this opportunity to wish everybody a “Happy New Year“.

Whether you want to create or find your own sounds; tell a story; help us make a noise; or do more, or better listening, Sound Vault pledges solidarity with you in 2018.

Thank you to all our show-runners, friends and supporters who put together their playlists of their “Sounds of 2017” – that’s DJ Alex-An, Seneo and Will (top, left to right); Sam, Noah and Chack (middle, left to right); and Brad, Paul, Tom, Cait and Darren (bottom, left to right). You can find all eleven of the playlists in one place by clicking here.

Happy New Year from Gilly Stewart – and everyone at Sound Vault.

You can come and find out more about us – especially if you are interested in getting involved in making a show, in one of these two ways in January and February:-

* Open Studio…. at ‘maltings monthly market’:  Farnham Maltings, Saturday 6th Jan and 3rd Feb.  More details, click here.

* Refreshers….. a festival of retirement:  Farnham Maltings, Mon. 26th Feb, 11.00am-4.00pm.  More details, click here.

Or email us anytime via