Ex Hebridius: EXHEB002

Episode 2 of the Ex Hebridius podcast which features the reading of original creative work by Alasdair S. Goudie – in this episode, poetry – and discussion/reflection on the creative process behind it.

Originally intended to be a Christmas special, Alasdair explains the ‘lapse’ in updates since the original episode in October, the delay to what was intended to be a Christmas episode – and as you will hear, how this has all conspired to fire his creative process.

The three poems in this episode are called “Gloomful“; “Island Christmas“, and “Man Is As Island Does“.  He uses the episode to talk about the inspiration behind all three – loneliness and re-emerging depression, and their impact on productivity.

Music credit (Intro and Outro): Antonin Dvorak Symphony No. 9, 1893; with thanks to Paco Chilito, via Archive.org With thanks.

Ex Hebridius: EXHEB001

Ex Hebridius is the result of an anxious developing writer attempting to process the tumultuous period of his recent life by fleeing back to the small Hebridean island he grew up on and writing numerous poems and short pieces about it. The pieces contained within each episode reflect aspects of the island, or, indeed, of modern existence, that he has felt the need to jot down; not only will this cover poetry, but likely short stories, drama scripts, and even extracts of larger works he’ll write down in-between his long periods of guiltful shame he experiences as a result of not writing anything. The shows itself has two central components- the reading of his recent works, and his discussions of their content, themes, and background in creation.

Music Credit:  Mendelssohn’s ‘The Hebrides’ (Fingal’s Cave) Op. 26. Performed by Musopen Symphony. Available under Public Domain Mark 1.0. Free of known restrictions under copyright law.  https://musopen.org/