The World Of Wonder with Noah Dann: WOW002

Episode 2 of World of Wonder, fronted by Sound Vault’s youngest presenter, 11 year old Noah Dann is here in time for Christmas.

Noah at the Sound Vault studio.

In the first half of the podcast, he explores whether flying cars will ever become a reality.  Check out some examples on Noah’s special Pinterest board on the topic.

The Dann family gingerbread house, which Noah has helped make this Christmas.

In the second half, he explores the topic of Christmas, and asks what people most like about the festive season, including the background behind the NORAD Santa Tracker website.

Noah and his Christmas jumper – which is the topic of his challenge for this show.

Noah invites listeners to guess  when Christmas Jumpers first came into fashion.  The closest guess will get a mention on the next edition of the podcast.  Leave your guesses in the “Comments” section on the website – or, you can email, along with any comments, ideas or feedback on the show to Noah at

Sound effects credits:

“Flying car sound (Interesting Tech 5)” c/o ‘spoonsandlessspoons‘ using CC BY 3.0 via

“Car horns” c/o ‘2hear‘ using CC BY-NC 3.0 via

“Deck The Halls Christmas jingle played with bells” c/o ‘Ihaksi‘ using CC0 1.0 via but speeded up especially for this time of year!

With thanks.

The World of Wonder with Noah Dann: WOW001

Welcome to the first episode of the World of Wonder, presented by 11 year old Noah Dann.  In each new episode, he will tackle an aspect of politics or new technology from a decidedly young perspective.

In this opening episode, he aims high and tackles Brexit.  He has secured interviews with local Surrey South West MP, Jeremy Hunt, and his opponent at the last General Election from the National Health Action Party, Dr Louise Irvine, who stood on a Progressive Alliance ticket.  They take opposing positions on the choice now facing us.

As well as speaking to the politicians, Noah collects ‘vox-pops’ from the people of Farnham, and reflects on what he has heard.  For more details on Noah and the show, click here.