Our shows

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An Audio Listener’s Guide to Adequate Hearing (click image)

Breaking Lines – with Darren Mooney (click image)








Discover Music with Plastic Dino (click image)

Ex Hebridius (click image)

Keep It Cheap Radio with Sam & Alex (click image)

Let Me Take You There (click image)

Mixed Bag with Mark Sumner (click image)

MXCast with Katy Garnham (click image)

Resonance: Museum of Sound (click image)

Sound Vault: Collage (click image)

Sound Vault: Maltings+ (click image)

Sound Vault: Music (click image)

Sound Vault: Voices (click image)

Tale Waves with Gilly Stewart (click image)

The Particular (click image)

Tracks with Chack (click image)

US Railway Travelogue with Tim Davies (click image)

World of Wonder with Noah Dann (click image)


Full List of Shows (as of Winter 2018):

– An Audio Listener’s Guide to Adequate Hearing;

– Ex-Hebridius;

– Keep It Cheap Radio (in production);

– Let Me Take You There;

– Mixed Bag with Mark Sumner;

– MXcast;

– Resonance: Museum of Sound;

– Tale Waves with Gilly Stewart;

– The Particular;

– Tracks with Chack;

– USA Railway Travelogue;

– World of Wonder with Noah Dann.

We also feature four on-going strands where we commission one-off, occasional, and special programmes, based on our four main programming themes.  These are:-

– Sound Vault: Collage;

– Sound Vault: Maltings+

– Sound Vault: Music;

– Sound Vault: Voices;

New shows will be announced as and when they are commissioned, and added to this list when appropriate.