Adequate Hearing: Chapter 4

Take off your ear silencers.  Chapter four of this audio instructional manual for your ears has arrived.  An Audio Listener’s Guide to Adequate Hearing.  Take equal parts comedy, spoken word, ambient music and electronica – and sit back.

The Particular: Brendan’s story – PART002

Brendan McEnhill is in his 80s, but can still be found playing the violin and clarinet regularly for residents of care homes in Farnham, Surrey and the surrounding area.

“Great Balls of Fire”

Brendan is a natural storyteller, with an eventful life to draw upon and share in this second episode of ‘The Particular’ podcast.

Brendan, as part of ‘The Kingsmen’ in the 60s.

“We shared the stage in the Castle Ballroom, Banbridge with Jerry Lee Lewis.  We shared the stage of the Boom Boom Room in Belfast with Bill Haley and the Comets,” he enthuses, about some of his earlier music performances, together with his brother.  “They were so nice these people.  They helped us carry our gear in!”

Brendan reveals that he first took up music at the age of seven, and was on the BBC by the age of eleven!

“When I was 11, I got a call that I could go to the BBC in Belfast, to play a tune on Children’s Hour.  You used to have children from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, but it was very rare for a boy from Donegal to get on the BBC.”

Brendan playing the clarinet at a birthday tea.

Now part of Sound Vault, Brendan can add another chapter to his story – appearing on a podcast!

US Railway Travelogue – Introductory Episode: USRAILINTRO

The Introductory Episode of US Railway Travelogue sees Tim Davies of Wrecclesham come into the studio ahead of his trip across the US on such iconic Amtrak trains as’The Coast Starlight’, ‘The Empire Builder’ and ‘The California Zephyr’ to explain his podcast series – and why he is undertaking the journey.

When he returns, Tim will be sharing some of the sounds he has collected en route, and reflecting on his journey across 14 states in subsequent episodes of this podcast series.

For more details about the show, click here.

To see the Pinterest board accompanying the series, click here.

Artwork Credit:  Loco Steve (Attribution-ShareAlikefreesf 2.0 Generic, CC BY-SA 2.0 Licence – see here)

Sound Effects Credit:

Ex Hebridius: EXHEB001

Ex Hebridius is the result of an anxious developing writer attempting to process the tumultuous period of his recent life by fleeing back to the small Hebridean island he grew up on and writing numerous poems and short pieces about it. The pieces contained within each episode reflect aspects of the island, or, indeed, of modern existence, that he has felt the need to jot down; not only will this cover poetry, but likely short stories, drama scripts, and even extracts of larger works he’ll write down in-between his long periods of guiltful shame he experiences as a result of not writing anything. The shows itself has two central components- the reading of his recent works, and his discussions of their content, themes, and background in creation.

Music Credit:  Mendelssohn’s ‘The Hebrides’ (Fingal’s Cave) Op. 26. Performed by Musopen Symphony. Available under Public Domain Mark 1.0. Free of known restrictions under copyright law.

Sound Vault: Music – “Starting Out”

As Sound Vault starts out on its voyage of discovery, Hannah Hargrave and Paul Simpson ask the students starting out at the freshers’ fair at the University for the Creative Arts, Farnham – what are the big things on their minds, and what music they are listening to. It makes for an interesting snapshot of young lives starting out at university in 2017 – and a diverse playlist.

Sound Vault: Music is our strand of occasional or one-off music shows on the network.  “Starting Out” is the first show within the strand.  The full playlist for the show is:-

  • “In The Middle” by Dodie;
  • “Same Love” by Paradise Fears;
  • “Breathe (In The Air) Edit by Pink Floyd;
  • “When He Sees Me” by The Waitress Original Broadway Cast;
  • “Deny” by King Woman;
  • “This Is My Horse (Show Me Yours) by Professor Elemental;
  • “Barcelona” by Ed Sheeran;
  • “The Apprentice” by Gorillaz;
  • “Theme from Midnight Cowboy” by John Barry;
  • “Peace Train” by Cat Stevens;
  • “April in Paris” by Count Basie;
  • “Te Quiero Puta” by Rammstein;
  • “Rain” by Bicep.

Adequate Hearing: Chapter 3

‘An Audio Listener’s Guide to Adequate Hearing’ is an audio instructional manual for your ears. This week we explore the sounds outside. The relaxing effects that the sound of water can have on us, how true silence is lacking in nature, and how and why life makes noise.  This episode’s tracklist includes, “Wilderness” by Explosions In The Sky; “Battery Point” by Beak; “Blank Media’ by Errors; and “Wingbeats” by Hidden Orchestra.

Adequate Hearing: Chapter 2

‘An Audio Listeners Guide to Adequate Hearing’ is an audio instructional manual for your ears. In episode two, we explore the hardware that this guide came with – your ears. We also explore the ways in which sound is transmitted outside of the human body, with hardware such as speakers and headphones.

A special place where comedy meets sound design meets a rich playlist of ambient, electronica and rock music.  A real treat for your ears.  Episode three will be posted here tomorrow.  More details on the show here.

The World of Wonder with Noah Dann: WOW001

Welcome to the first episode of the World of Wonder, presented by 11 year old Noah Dann.  In each new episode, he will tackle an aspect of politics or new technology from a decidedly young perspective.

In this opening episode, he aims high and tackles Brexit.  He has secured interviews with local Surrey South West MP, Jeremy Hunt, and his opponent at the last General Election from the National Health Action Party, Dr Louise Irvine, who stood on a Progressive Alliance ticket.  They take opposing positions on the choice now facing us.

As well as speaking to the politicians, Noah collects ‘vox-pops’ from the people of Farnham, and reflects on what he has heard.  For more details on Noah and the show, click here.

Tracks with Chack: Episode 001

Join us for the first episode of Tracks with Chack, fronted by sixth form student Michael Chacko, from Yateley, Hampshire, UK.  In the first episode, he will be joined by Jorge Latter, and as they begin to discuss the history of rap, and play tracks from The Sugarhill Gang (‘Rapper’s Delight’); Grandmaster Flash (‘The Message’); Public Enemy (‘Rebel Without A Pause’); and N.W.A. (‘Straight Outta Compton’ and ‘Express Yourself’.  You can find out more about the show here.

MXCast with Katy Garnham: Ep001

MXCast is the audio documentation of somebody’s transition from AFAB (assigned female at birth) to a body more suited to their needs.

In episode one, Katy Garnham addresses the ‘coming out story’ – the first (and last’ person they came out to at the age of 14 years old was their Mum.  Katy was not prepared for the loss of control over how the ‘coming out’ was handled.  Katy had no control over who was told – Mum seemed to tell everyone, leaving Katy to deal with the consequences, and never quite recovering from it.  That was sexuality.  Katy did have to come out all over again, this time over the question of gender, and this time it was with their father.  For more details on the series, click here.

The Particular: Ruby’s story – PART001

‘The Particular’ is about listening to the past, today.  Unleashing the commonplace, wisdom, memories, insights and secrets of a special generation, by giving them a podcast in which they can share their stories.

In episode one, Ruby Bassett, of Yateley, Hampshire shares the story of how she was abandoned by her Mum at the age of seven years old.

“She just gave me a note one day. She said, ‘Take your dollies’ pram, and take this note down to Granny’. So I said ‘Ok’. Seven years old, you don’t think nothing.  It was a long, long walk.  By the time I got down there, she read it, and she grabbed my hand and we raced all the way back up to the village. But it was too late. My Mum had got on a bus and gone. So, she’d got that all planned out.”

Ruby with ‘that’ beloved bike.

She does go on to share how they were eventually reunited years later – and other happy memories, such as the thrill of receiving a bike as a Christmas present during what were otherwise very austere times

“In those days, we never got presents as such.  Maybe just a little sock with an orange and things like that in.  But I remember this one particular Christmas, I came down and there was a bike in the front room – and it was for me!”

Ruby (far right) with her Mum, working at the 90th birthday celebrations for former PM Harold Macmillan.

Ruby reveals that she was part of the catering team for former Prime Minister Harold Macmillan’s 90th Birthday celebrations.

Pilot Show: “Adequate Hearing” – Chapter One

“An Audio Listener’s Guide to Adequate Hearing” is an audio instructional manual for your ears.

In this first episode, which we bring to you ahead of our formal launch on Monday 2nd October, we are introduced to the concept of sound, its place in society, and give an overview of the series as a whole.

“Adequate Hearing” is one of our shows which is called ‘online audio’ rather than a podcast, because it contains music, and is not downloadable.  We host such such shows on a platform called Mixcloud.  More details on the series here.